To promote a centre of collaborated project based learning, where committed individuals both teacher and the taught, could contribute to enhance our country ’s contribution, at the global front, through scholastic achievements and experiential drive.


Making a sincere and a concerted effort, in enhancing creative, articulate, self-reliant, honest, philanthropic and responsible global citizens, with a blend of human and humane qualities, sensitive to analytical and critical thinking, enhancing life-long learning.


“Knowledge is the Supreme Power” is kept as the vision envisaged.

It means that knowledge is more powerful than physical strength and no great work can be done without knowledge.

Knowledge is a powerful factor that empowers people achieve great results. The more knowledge a person gains, the more powerful he becomes. True power comes from knowledge. No individual or nation can prosper in life without knowledge. Knowing gives us power.

A knowledgeable person has the more power to foresee the future outcome, and he can respond in a way that brings him the desired outcome.

Such will be the men and women who will be proud to call themselves Alpinos!