School follows the CBSE syllabi within which, flexibility of methodology and the use of experimental learning systems is strongly encouraged, which helps eliminate the need to learn by rote and develop a healthy and positive attitude towards learning. Our system of evaluation takes into account the individualities of different children to provide adequate feedback on the student’ 5 learning without putting undue pressure.

Major emphasis of is on the continuous growth of students ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social development and therefore it will not be merely limited to assessment of learner‘s scholastic attainments. Teacher‘s helps in improving student’s performance by identifying his/ her learning difficulties at regular time intervals right from the beginning of the academic session and employing suitable remedial measures for enhancing their learning performance.

The academic session will be from April to March. The school will remain closed for summer vacations during the months of May June every year with Dussehra Diwali break in October and Winter / Christmas break in December.

The school encourages regular and continued study by every student and promotion to net class depends upon successful performances in periadical tests and exams spread over the academic year. Evaluation of daily class work and assignments is also given weightage. Parents are regularly infamted about the progress of their children in academic, physical, social and cultural activities of the school.

100% attendance is compulsory for every Student. Students should be back in time after their vacations. Leave ofabsence will be granted only in case of serious illness or the marriage afreal sister or brother or death of immediate relatives. Special medical leave may be granted as recommended by the Resident Medical Officer. Unauthorized absence is considered a serious misconduct and strong disciplinaty