Admissions are open from Classes Pre-Nursery onwards. Admissions will be conducted by the Admission Committee in the school campus during December to March every year. The criterion for admission is the eligibility of the child as per rules and regulations laid down by the School’s Board of Governors. The lower age for admission to Class Pre-Nursery will be 2 years  on 31st March of the year of joining the school and computed accordingly for higher classes.

The procedure for Admission shall begin with Registration. The registration form, enclosed in this prospectus, shall be submitted along with a Registration fee (non refundable) well before the start of the school session beginning in March/April every year. Admission shall be granted on the basis of the student’s academic capacity and eligibility for the class / category in which admission is being sought. The Management reserves the right to refuse admission / readmission without assigning any reason.


  1. Duly filled in application form.
  2. Original School leaving / transfer certificate.
  3. Original Report Card of previous class passed.
  4. Birth Certificate (attested photocopy)
  5. Medical Performa and physical fitness certificate.
  6. Twelve copies of latest passport size photographs of the child.
  7. Photographs and addresses of people allowed to meet the child / children and to take them on visiting weekends and vacations.
  8. Duly signed copy of the Rules and Regulations of the school.


  • All School fees and dues must be paid as stipulated at the time of admission. A penalty @ 5% per month on the defaulted amount shall be charged for late payment.
  • In case the dues are not cleared, Management reserves the right to ask the Parents / Guardians to withdraw the child from school. No school leaving certificate will be issued till the dues are cleared.
  • School fees and other charges are essentially non refundable and subject to revision from time to time at the discretion of the Management.


  • If fees and other dues are not paid after issue of one reminder, the name of the student would be struck off rolls and he/she would be sent home at his/her cost.
  • If the conduct, behaviour or influence of a student is detrimental to the general discipline or interest of the school, or if the student is found medically unfit and is a health hazard to other students, he or she may be asked to withdraw.
  • If a student withdraws during the term all the deposited fees will be forfeited.

Rules And Regulations

  • The Alpine International School has set for itself high standards of character and conduct. These are the basis for the value based education we provide and strive to provide. Observation of a code of conduct for students, teachers, parents and visitors is greatly emphasized.
  • Parents should not send costly items like watches, jewellery, cameras, IPods, mobiles etc. with their wards.
  • It is recommended that parents may appoint a local Guardian to look after immediate and emergent requirement of their ward.
  • Parents / Local guardians may visit students on Sundays only between 3PM to 6 PM. They may take their wards for an outing only in a month on every second Saturday for which they may take the child between 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM and leave back by 5:00 PM on next day. Unauthorized persons are not allowed to meet any student.
  • Food parcels from parents and guardians are not allowed to be brought into the hostel.
  • Every student is expected to take care of his / her belongings. All their belongings should be clearly marked.
  • The School does not accept responsibility legal or otherwise for accidents. It, however, takes all precautions to prevent such happening. If a student falls seriously ill, his / her parents / local guardians will be informed either by telephone or mail at their expense.
  • Parents and guardians are bound by the school’s rule which may change from time to time without any notice. The decision of Principal/Management is binding on the parents / guardians.
  • Students must complete on full year, before applying for a ‘Transfer Certificate’.
  • Unauthorized absence for more than 5 days after vacation is considered as withdrawal and the seat can be declared vacant.
  • Use of alcohol, smoking or any kind of intoxicants within the school/hostel premises is strictly prohibited. Defaulters are subject to be expelled forthwith.
  • Students must always be well groomed in proper uniform, neat and tidy with polished shoes and proper haircut etc. They should be polite with everyone, and especially with elders, ladies and visitors.
  • This prospectus gives only a brief outlines of various procedures, facilities, etc. and is not detailed document in the rules and regulations. Management reserves the right to make any changes in the rules/regulations without any notice and without assigning any reason.